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Dubai-based British filmmaker Ted Beagles collaborated with Skram founder Jacob Marks to produce Ethos.  Below is an excerpt from a recent Q & A:  

The video captured the "soul" of Skram - how did you achieve that? 

T.B.: I can easily imagine a SKRAM piece residing in an airy Manhattan apartment, underneath a Hopper or a Rothko. There is something classic Americana, meeting vintage, rustic Americana and I think that's Jacob's vision being realized on the workbenches of SKRAM’S earthy shop floor.  The craft films itself almost. My job was simply to film what is actually there - often in that moment when the sun has gone but the light has not the mood of SKRAM is in everything around you.

It’s a magic space and you can feel it.

Something of that quality ends up in the furniture. Something real and authentic that inspired the approach to the film.

the finest of their kind. . .precious but renewable.

we're interested in beauty that is enduring, and can be sustained.

the objects that surround us are a reflection of our priorities.